Building Families Through God’s Word

7Family Reading Plan

Week of March 17th
Rom 8:26-39 Victory in Christ
Rom 10 Preaching the Gospel
Rom 12:1-8 Service to God
Rom 12:9-21 Overcoming evil
Col 1:1-12 Thanks to God
Bible In A Year Plan
Week of March 17th
1 Kings 11, Rom 7
1 Kings 12, Psalm 69, Rom 8
1 Kings 13, Psalm 70, Rom 9
1 Kings 14, Psalm 71, Rom 10
1 Kings 15-16, Prov. 16, Rom 11
1 Kings 17-18, Rom 12

New City Catechism 

Go to your App Store and download the app.  One question per week is given, these are great discussion points for families.
Week of March 17th:  Part 2 Question 25


These plans are designed for reading 5-6 days per week.  A thematic family reading plan is offered as well as  Bible in a year plan.  These plans will be updated weekly for you to have easy access anywhere you are.  Read the passage(s) for that day (together and out loud for families).



(If you are single write your thoughts in a notebook.) Each day’s discussion need not take any longer than 8-10 minutes.
1) What is the passage saying?
2) What should I do in response to it?



Pray something relative to what you just read, and for you/your family’s needs for the day.