Next Steps At MBC
The following ‘steps’ are ways to learn more about, and become involved in Monroe Bible Church. You will also find that what you learn will be valuable to your personal growth. Each Session is about an hour and a half long. Each step is designed to be completed in order and offered several times throughout the year. Sign ups will be located at the Welcome Center.
Jesus made the Mission of the church clear in Matthew 28:19-20. We also know that our purpose is to bring glory to God. Each church is unique according to it’s location and the people in it. The Vision defines how the local church goes about brining glory to God and making disciples. In this session learn what our Vision is and how you can become a part of it. 
There are so many conflicting ideas floating around that it can be difficult to know what is Biblical and what isn’t. You will find out what our Core Beliefs are and learn some basic Bible teachings in these two enjoyable interactive sessions. We recommend that you attend Step 1 Our Mission and Vision prior to completing Step 2
In this session we will address the topics of eternal life, spiritual growth, baptism, and church membership. Participants will receive instructions on how to get baptized and how to join the church. You are required to complete Step 2 prior to completing Step 3
Ever wonder what spiritual gifts are and how they work in the church? In these two sessions you will learn about serving together in the church, spiritual gifts, and exploring how God has gifted you to serve! We recommend that you complete Step 3 prior to completing Step 4
In these two sessions you will learn about the importance of mission – local to international. You will also learn how to effectively share your story, and how to share the gospel. Attending Step 4 is recommended before completing Step 5. Completion of Step 5 is required for those who go on mission trips sponsored by Monroe Bible Church