Building Families Through God’s Word

Our Bible Reading Plans begin on January 1st

Stop by the Welcome Center to pick up a copy of the reading plan

or find it here: 

The steady intake of God’s Word can become a joy and a delight each day. The Word of God is true (John 17:17) and powerful (Heb 4:12), to transform our lives (Rom 12:2), into the people God wants us to be. The Holy Spirit, who resides in every true believer (1 Cor 6:19), gives us understanding of His Word (1 Cor 2:12).
Therefore, the goal of Bible reading is to listen to the Holy Spirit for the application He is impressing on you through the truth you are reading.
Here’s the format— Read, Discuss, Pray, Share. That’s it.
Anyone can start anytime throughout the year.



The reading plan is 25 days per month, which is approximately 6 days per week. Read the passage(s) for that day (together and out loud for families) Each day’s New Testament reading should only take about 5 minutes. Begin there. The Old Testament passages are 10 or more minutes.



(If you are single write your thoughts in a notebook.)
1) What is the passage saying?
2) What should I do in response to it?
Each day’s discussion need not take longer than 5-7 minutes.



Pray something relative to what was just read, and for you/your family’s needs that day.



Make it a point to share what God impressed on you with someone else during the day.


• Find a time of day that works every day, six days a week. For
married couples make sure both husband and wife agree and
work together to establish this habit.
• Begin with the New Testament reading. A good first goal is to
establish daily bible reading. If you try to do too much you are
more likely to be become over-whelmed and quit. After daily
Bible reading becomes part of your routine add the poetry
(Psalms, Proverbs, etc.) reading for the next step. Lastly, perhaps
add the Old Testament. This may be after the first month or two
or several months or even a year.
• If you miss, feel free to skip a reading, or some readings. Trying
to “catch up” can be overwhelming and cause you to miss the
• Don’t worry about what you don’t understand. When the time
is right, and God wants you to understand it, He will give you