Marriage Ministry

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Marriage Ministry is to serve and invest in the lives of couples;
preparing some, rescuing some, and enriching many.

Contact Information

Jeff & Marie Wunschel

Contact us if you and your spouse are interested in becoming a marriage mentor couple.

Contact us to discuss several ways that you can become involved in the marriage ministry.

 Ministry Verse

Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.
Ephesians. 5:31

More Information

The ministry provides a wide range of services. For pre-engaged or engaged couples, the ministry is designed to provide life on life experiences for couples. We have trained mentor couples who build into the lives of those heading into marriage with tremendous biblical resources to make their marriage last and flourish.

For couples who are struggling in silent pain or out-right conflict, we offer hope and healing again through life on life experience with trained mentor couples and pastoral counseling. We have walked alongside many couples who had lost all hope for their marriage. We help them find hope and healing.

The ministry plans and hosts a variety of opportunities throughout the year to enrich marriages and strengthen families through seminars, weekend retreats, date nights, special classes, and small groups.  Please contact Jeff & Marie with questions or to connect with a trained Mentor couple.  

For a list of current activities please see our events page.